InZane 2021 – Leysin

The VRCC Switzerland cordially invites to
InZane 2021 – Leysin
„Oxygène des Alpes“

on the southern balcony of the Alps, near the language boundary between the French and German Part of Switzerland .

we hope that you will spend 3 unforgettable days with us

Our motto:
ride (experience) Switzerland


Rooms are available again !
Please send us a mail.

we wish you loads of fun :
Walter (Walo), Andy (Black_Hawk), Albert (Feuerstein)

Dear fellow bikers,

This meeting is a private event for which every person present has to bear the responsibility for himself, his fellow-passengers and his vehicle, that is: You are present on own risk at this meeting and have to follow the highway code of Switzerland.
This meeting is an event among friends, so no liability is provided for damages, injuries, etc. during your stay.
Therefore every participant is responsible without limitation for himself and his bike. We will ride tours during this meeting and all participants have to follow some very important rules of etiquette which should be known by everybody from former events.
Please, note that we, even if we are on the move as a big group – have no priority in the traffic!!!
Further a strict traffic regime rules in Switzerland – we would not want that somebody needs to return home afoot and impoverished !!!

Valkyrie – with the world’s best motorbike through Switzerland

Registration InZane 2021

Hotel Central Residence
Route du Belvedere 20
CH-1854 Leysin

Tel: (+41)24 493 0707


gps: 46.345877; 7.013205


Double room: 295 € per Person
Single room: 360 € per Person
Triple room: 250 € per Person (persons register and sort separately)


  • 3 x overnight stay, Thursday to Sunday
  • 3 x breakfast in the hotel
  • 3 x dinner in the hotel – buffet – evtl. theme buffet
  • 1 x lunch on Saturday – during the great rideout
  • use of the hotel facilities, like indoor swimming pool, Spa, fitness room, etc.
  • entertainment and music
  • T-Shirt
There is a possibility to arrive early or stay longer after the event, at the same conditions – booking code: InZane 2021

Payment of the WHOLE fee until 28th February 2021 latest – the participation becomes definitive after receipt of payment.

If no payment has been received until 28th February 2021, the registration will be cancelled.

For cancellations AFTER 28th February 2021, the following conditions will apply:

  • cancellation until 31st March 2021 - 50 %
  • cancellation after 30th April 2021: - 75 %
  • cancellation from 1st May on: - 100 %

Bank details

  • Raiffeisenbank Tägerwilen, CH-8274 Tägerwilen
  • Walter Nussbaum – 8556 Wigoltingen
  • IBAN CH96 8141 2000 0080 9658 2
  • IID(BC- Nr.) 81412


  • Family Name, Surname, evtl. Nickname, Bike
  • Purpose: InZane 2021 - Leysin

Rooms are available again ! Please send us a mail.


This part is being updated regularly


In order to guarantee a pleasant and safe course of the event, can be guaranteed, every participant needs to follow some easy rules. This is valid for the individual ride outs as well as for the great ride out on Saturday as well as at the hotel and in the places which we will visit during the INZANE

  • Everyone is responsible for his own behaviour.
  • Everyone is responsible for his own driving manner..
  • Everyone is responsible for own vehicle.
  • The vehicle must be fit for traffic in Europe.
  • The organizers can not be held responsible for the behaviour of the participants!

Safe riding

We have no priority in traffic. We need to follow the speed limits, the traffic lights and the priority as well as the Swiss highway code regulations. A team of Securities will accompany the great ride out. These assistants will carry an orange reflective vest, but they too have no priority in the traffic. You need to strictly follow their signs and instructions. During the ride out you need to keep a distance to the bike in front of you, according to the speed of the group. If the road is wide enough, we adjust ourselves into two staggered rows. It is important to maintain the position, overtaking is strictly forbidden! The security for oneself and the others is the most important; everybody needs to contribute his part to it.
Switzerland has a stringent traffic regime – we would not want somebody to return home afoot and impoverished !!!


Questions?? THEN mail to us.

Albert Wettstein

Andy Burren

Walter Nussbaum


VRCC Switzerland

Walter Nussbaum

Oberdorfstrasse 16

8556 Wigoltingen